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Pioneering primary school designs a shared community growing space with homes for nature

1 Mehefin 2015

Penyrenglyn School has become a pioneer in its latest venture to give something back to the local community. The lack of community growing space came up in 53% of all responses in a Cynefin/WTOW community engagement event held in August 2014. Gabi Torkington, the Cynefin officer for RCT has been speaking to landowners such as Penyrenglyn School to negotiate shared growing space and they agreed. Pupils, parents, governors, teachers and volunteers got together in April to design a shared growing space on school grounds complete with bug hotels, insect shelters, amphibian puddles, bird boxes, pollinator friendly flowers/herbs and hedgehog friendly fencing. The designs have been turned into reality by Cynefin, NRW, the friends of Penyrenglyn and local volunteers, and with lots of help the growing space will be installed over the summer. If you have any other things you would like help to get going in Treherbert please drop in and see the Cynefin Place Co-ordinator, Gabi and the Storyworks team at Treherbert Library between 23 July to 2 August.