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Penderry Providers' Planning Forum Meetings

25 Tachwedd 2015

Next meeting 30 November 2015, 12.00 – 2.00 pm

The 17th meeting took place at the City and County of Swansea's Baling Plant, the main recycling depot in the city.  The forum meets regularly with the purposes of avoiding duplication and making best use of the area's assets and since its inception has made an array of changes to local organisations' working practices. 

A group of 16 participants from a range of organisations took part in the meeting followed by a tour of the recycling and baling plant. As well as offering opportunities to network, its regular collection of 'deals go down' merged into a sharing of activities and plans that support Pride in Penderry Group's framework of 'internal pride - external interest', 'enhancing existing features', 'vibrancy, texture and colour' and 'community engagement'.  They include the development of community museums, geocaching clubs and Natural Resources Wales' Tawe Trial supported consultations at Penllergare Valley Woods; run by Playright discussing with children from SPARK and 3 local Primary schools what they would like at the southern end of the woods and in other local green spaces. 

The Baling Plant Tour opened everyone's eyes to the scale and complexity of sorting waste items and the importance in recouping costs by selling them on.  In addition the on-site Re-use Shop was visited giving participants the opportunity to see what is on offer in order to share that knowledge with others.   Anyone interested in touring the Plant can arrange to do so by contacting the City and County of Swansea's Waste Department.  The shop and recycling site opening hours are available from the Council's website.

The next (18th) meeting will take place at South Penlan Community Centre, kindly arranged by Communities First, for Mon 30 Nov 12.00 -2.00 pm.  It will follow the usual networking and deal-making format followed by the chance to start evaluating the forum's value and plan for its future.  This is an open event - everyone is welcome, however reserving a place is necessary by contacting VictoriaB(at) so that we can cater for you!