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Cynefin's work in Cardiff has focused on the inner city communities of Adamsdown, Cathays and Plasnewydd, to the east of Cardiff city centre. The population of around 20,000 is made up of a diverse and transient community; students, young professionals, families and a number of different BME communities live in close proximity in rows of traditional terraced homes. The established 'born and bred' community in the area is shrinking, with a large proportion of the area's property owned by non-residents and rented out - mostly as houses of multiple occupation.

There are pockets of wealth and large ...

There are pockets of wealth and large areas of poverty in the area, but the level of community interest and interaction has been extraordinary. Perhaps because of its location on the doorsteps of both Cardiff University and the University of South Wales, a large amount of creative energy and ideas generation has been contributed by the community. Over the past 18 months the Cynefin Cardiff Place Coordinator, Luke Rice, has coordinated a series of events and projects that have helped to strengthen community cohesion and make the area a better place to live. Thousands of people have been directly involved in Cynefin-related activity, either by getting involved in planning or delivery or by attending and participating in events.

Cynefin has delivered four large 'visioning' events ...

Cynefin has delivered four large 'visioning' events, five smaller consultations and nine public project workshops that have resulted in seven completed projects. Find out more about them here:

A series of projects are being planned for 2015 ...

A series of projects are being planned for 2015, including:

  • Love Food, Hate Waste - roadshow and cookery workshops
  • Shelley Gardens Community Festival
  • Outdoor Pedal Powered International Film Festival
  • 'Exchange in Roath' 2
  • Cathays Green Space Registration Project
All of the above events ...

All of the above events - in addition to further public art and small scale growing projects - need involvement from the community to be a success. Keep up with what's happening and come and join in by contacting us on one of our social media channels.


Shelley Gardens

Love Food Hate Waste

Love Food Hate Waste

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Exchange in Roath

5 October 2015

Keep Roath Tidy !

25 September 2015

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