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Llandrindod SOUP

7 June 2015

Based on Detroit SOUP, this is micro-crowdfunding for projects and ideas with a community benefit. People pay £3.00 for soup and a voting token. Four people pitch their idea in 4 minutes each, without the aid of technology, and everyone has a vote on which project wins. The prize is the door takings.

The idea appeared on the Llandrindod facebook page shortly after the BBC aired a programme about Detroit SOUP. A number of people were interested and we met on 10th April to discuss setting one up in Llandrindod. Two or three meetings later, and a lot of busy-ness in between, we were good to go!

Llandrindod SOUP was launched on Sunday 7th June, piggybacking on The Big Lunch, a family picnic event already arranged on Temple Gardens. Soup was donated by Dickens Wine Bar & Coffee Lounge, The Metropole Hotel and The Commodore Hotel, all of which border Temple Gardens. We sold Soup in paper cups for £1.00 each, a special offer for the first Llandrindod SOUP event, giving everyone a voting token.

It was a gloriously sunny day and the soup went in no time. People still came up to buy a voting token and then The Commodore provided another tureen of soup! That was soon devoured also.

In all, we sold 123 voting tokens, and 106 votes were cast. Some donations were given, bringing the total raised to £155. The organisations pitching for the funds were:

1. Radnor Fringe - for help with marketing their festival on 19th-21st June

2. Green Man Fruit Garden - to help maintain the garden in Co-op Alley

3. Llandrindod Round Table - to add to their pot of funds for community giving

4. Thumbs Up Club - to pay for a trip to the seaside for the young children

And the winner was......Thumbs Up Club. The prize was the £155 raised, which was given to Nikki of Thumbs Up Club by Llandrindod Mayor Chris Rouse. Nikki agreed to return to the next SOUP date to tell us how the money was spent. The next Llandrindod Soup is on 11th September 2015 in the Herb Garden Café, at 7pm, with Soup donated by Sally at the Herb Garden.