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Youth Market

15 June 2015

The purpose of the Youth Market is to facilitate a market for young people to sell their wares, promote their business ideas and to perform at a lively event which is not in competition with the regular market or the town shops - the event is designed to:

1 Increase footfall to and spend in the town

2 Identify future entrepreneurs

3 Complement the existing shopping experience of the town.

The concept is simple:

- The organisers need to be able to provide market infrastructure like stalls, PA for performers etc.

- There needs to be a network of young people with things to sell, services to offer and performances to give.

- The youngsters are offered a pitch at no cost and they get to keep any money they make.

- If there are young people the event will be lively and family and friends will come to support them, hence increased foot fall.

- The markets are held occasionally to support the town and not be a threat to the existing shops or stall holders.

The Town Champion, Jude Boutle and the Cynefin Place Co-ordinator got together to see if there was any interest in holding such a market locally, and got a positive response. So in May 2015 we called a meeting, inviting local youth organisations, schools, clubs and business people to attend.

The first event will be held on Saturday 26th September in Co-op Alley. This will coincide with the 'Support your High Street' initiative (19th - 26th Sept) which Welsh Government are promoting, and we plan to link up other events in the town during that week.

There has been lots of support for the idea, and more people are coming on board all the time. Another date has been earmarked for a second Youth Market, to coincide with Small Business Saturday on 5th December. More details to follow.

If you are under 25, living in Powys and would like to perform or have a stall, then get in touch.