The group is finding practical multiagency solutions by sharing some of the acute issues facing particular organisations, primarily related to fly tipping and waste management. Landlords are sharing resources and methods, enforcement and compliance issues between agencies are being discussed, formal communication is changing resulting in earlier intervention through more co-operative solutions


Blaenymaes is a community within Penderry.  It is made up of a housing estate where two landlords; The Council and Grŵp Gwalia own the vast majority of land and property.  Both have been working independently on remedial issues associated with littering and flytipping for many years.  As landlords, they each recognised their limitations in being able to engage to affect behaviour change and were keen to involve others to consider new ways of working to address these issues.  Meetings started to identify the causes of flytipping and frank exchanges between agencies described the actions taken, successes and failures over many years. 

As a result of an acute flytipping problem, Grŵp Gwalia applied for Tidy Towns funding to remedy it and all partners rallied support.  The application was successful and a three phase project to develop local awareness, clean up the area and reutilise the site in a more positive way, started.  Its successes have been mixed, awareness and engagement proved difficult, the clean up successful and engagement in using the site differently is currently seeking momentum.

A number of issues have been solved by open dialogue between agencies and new co-operative ways of working developed.   As one enforcement officer making observation about this place-based working and problem solving quoted 'Phenomenal! This hasn't happened in the 20 years that I've been working in this organisation!'


Men's Sheds is working with Grŵp Gwalia to engage local residents in reutilising the flytipped space and it will be interesting to follow its developments.   Meetings of the agencies involved in tackling the issues of waste, littering and flytipping and more generally about improving the aesthetics of the area need to continue independently of Cynefin.  It is about mainstreaming as discussions held at these meetings have already provided a range of strategic and practical solutions, proving their worth.  Agreeing a future plan is Cynefin's priority for the final 6 months.

Ynni Da's Pedal Power Disco at The Blaenymaes X-stream