Welcome to the resources page. Here you will find publications and information that have been selected to support you in your work in the community. You can have easy access to resources covering all aspects of place development. We have grouped the resources into themes :

Most of the resources on this page are from external organisations - where possible, they will be made available in Welsh.

Most of the resources on this page are from external organisations - where possible, they will be made available in Welsh.

Cynefin finished in March 2016.  For further information on project achievements, please find below : The Final Learning Report (an external evaluation), Ways of Working, Final Quantitative Data, Introduction to Case Studies, Case Studies, Place Studies, Common Themes and Workstreams. You'll also find a video - Cynefin - What Makes it Work, which is a Stakeholder's view of how Cynefin made a difference. 

Tredegar is one of the two newest Cynefin places, with Place Coordinator Jayne Hunt joining the team in February 2015.  Jayne is helping local residents and a range of service delivery organisations to work together to make the most of the opportunities and local assets that Tredegar has to offer.

Stakeholder Feedback - What make Cynefin work!

The current population of Tredegar is in the region of 15,000, having historically suffered after the decline of heavy industry then the recent recession and austerity. The town's shopping centre has been hit hardest, with a number of shops now lying empty. There are few chain stores in the area, but Tredegar boasts over 70 independent shops which is something to be celebrated and supported.

Severn Wye Energy Agency - working for sustainable energy and affordable warmth in south west England and Wales -

Place Making Drives Resilient Cities -

PLANED - Pembrokeshire Local Action Network for Enterprise and Development - Working with communities, delivering for Pembrokeshire.

LOCAL FIRST Toolkit - Local First means increasing demand for locally owned, made and grown businesses, goods and services -

Social Value Bank - The Social Value Bank represents a major step forward in the quality of resources available to those seeking to place a social value on community-focused activity. It is available for housing providers to use at no cost.

Prescription Strength Nature - a humorous look at the benefits of nature -  

The Place Keeping Group - bringing people together to exchange place-keeping ideas and good practice for our green and open spaces -

Share things with your neighbours -

RE-DIRECT aims to set up decentralised conversion units to convert residual biomass into alternative carbon products. We will also focus on activated carbon to be used for clearing regional waste water and contaminated sites - visit the project website here