Working Differently on Anglesey

Previously known as 'Mon Mam Cymru' - or the 'Mother of Wales' - Anglesey, an island on the north west coast of Wales, was once considered capable of feeding the whole of Wales due to its fertile land and strong agricultural production.

Its environmental significance continues ...

Its environmental significance continues today, with the island recently named as an 'energy island' because of its potential to be a leader in low carbon energy research, development and production. Renewable sources such as nuclear, tidal, wind, biomass and solar are either already embedded on Anglesey or have great potential.

With a population of almost 70,000 ...

With a population of almost 70,000, economic regeneration remains one of Anglesey's top priorities, with the island having the lowest Gross Value Added (GVA) in the UK. With its economic fortunes being closely linked to its natural resources, new developments can be contentious with the community. Differences of opinion exist as to the environmental impact and consequences of large developments balanced against the opportunity for economic growth and jobs.

Cynefin began operating on Anglesey ...

Cynefin began operating on Anglesey in October 2013, with Mark Gahan, the Cynefin Place Coordinator for Anglesey, also carrying out complimentary duties for Environment Wales. Mark's main workstreams are Building Communities, in the Seiriol electoral Ward in North East Anglesey and Newborough and District Cynefin Cluster.


Cynefin Anglesey

Cynefin Anglesey


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