Working Differently in Newport

The Newport Place Coordinator, Peter Willis, is working in the community of Maindee, on the east bank of the River Usk, close to the city centre.

The area is characterised by dense ...

The area is characterised by dense Victorian terraced housing and has the least amount of recreational space in the city. The community is also physically divided by railway lines and trunk roads, causing problems with community cohesion. Maindee became a Communities First area in 2013 and experiences higher than average unemployment with about a quarter of working age adults claiming benefits.

In July 2013 the Place Coordinator ...

In July 2013 the Place Coordinator held a planning event that attracted over 70 people who live or work in the community, or whose job could help to regenerate the area. The workshop was successful in building relationships and widening networks, as well as providing a space to agree key priorities and develop project plans that would improve the quality of life for Maindee residents and make it a more sustainable place.

A number of priorities were agreed by the participants:

  • Crime and antisocial behaviour
  • Struggling local business and shops closing
  • Local environment quality issues, such as litter, graffiti, fly-tipping, dog fouling and noise
  • A lack of good quality play, open or green space
  • Lack of meeting places and low levels of community cohesion
  • Housing and fuel poverty issues, such as damp, draughty and overcrowded housing
  • A general run-down appearance and lack of greenery
  • Maindee's identity and geographical ambiguity
  • A shortage of parking and people using their cars for short journeys
  • No growing space
  • Little access to fresh, affordable food
  • Risk of flooding

These priorities generated work streams on:

  • Establishing a new community building
  • Supporting local business and Maindee district centre
  • Improving the street environment
  • Increasing and improving green space provision
  • Energy and fuel poverty


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