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Penderry has a Green Map!

Penderry Green Map

Penderry Green Map

20 October 2015

Sustainable Swansea has published Penderry's Green Map.  In Swansea, Green Maps have been produced for over ten years using the International Green Map System which consists of an agreed range of symbols that enable local communities to identify the social, cultural and sustainable features for inclusion that exist in their own neighbourhoods.  

Sustainable Swansea started working with Cynefin early in 2014 and joined the Provider Planning Forum to start the process of developing a Green Map that April.  It was able to engage those organisations that could help identify groups of local people, provide computer facilities etc.  At subsequent meetings others were updated on opportunities for local residents' involvement and by January 2015 a workshop to examine the draft of the map and key for accuracy and omissions took place.   At the June meeting, printed copies were distributed, a launch event at Penlan Library organised and further distribution plans developed.  You can download your own copy of Penderry's Green Map from the website link: